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​Welcome Someone into 2016 With Gerberas!

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Gerberas are arguably one of the best gifts to give someone to welcome them into the New Year. Not only are gerbera’s bright and colourful; available in vibrant hues such as orange, pink, yellow and red, but they also last for a long time after being cut.

Gerberas evolved from a South African daisy known as the Transvaal or Barberton daisy and can be easily recognised by their rows of long, thin petals that form a circle around a dark centre (although the centre of a gerbera can also be a yellow or green colour). These flowers also have long stems which have an almost fuzzy or prickly feel to them.

Because gerberas are perennials, they strive in warm climates and can be found at am Australian florist at almost any time of year.

As mentioned above, gerberas are a hardy plant even after being cut. However, in order to extend the appearance of your cut gerberas in your home you can follow the simple tips listed below:

1.Keep these flowers away from your fruit bowl.

2.If you have an individual gerbera, place it in a vase with a fairly large base with only a small amount of water (about 1 inch or 1/3 of an inch).

3.Once the end of the stems become discoloured or feel a bit mushy, cut the stem on a diagonal angle so that all of the remaining stem is firm.

Gerberas can add a splash of colour into any room of the house and are often associated with happiness and positivity making them a fantastic gift to wish someone a happy new year or birthday!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. To discover the different flower arrangements that use gerberas and can be ordered online, please click here.