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How To Celebrate The Chinese New Year With Flowers

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Glorious Gerberas  True Romance

The Chinese New Year is often regarded as the biggest and most important event in the Chinese calendar and yet many Australians appear to know very little about it. Unlike the Western New Year, the Chinese New Year is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar and, as a result, falls on a different date each year. In 2016, the Chinese New Year will commence on the 8th of February, which will mark the beginning of the year of the Monkey; one of the 12 animals on the Chinese Zodiac. This event typically goes for 15 days beginning on the first day of the lunar calendrer and is often celebrated by attending street festivals and visiting friends and family.

Like many other cultures, the Chinese culture is embedded with symbolism. One of the biggest symbols is the use of the colour red, which is believed to bring happiness and good fortune. An arrangement of red flowers could therefore make a fun and interesting addition to your household. As it is also customary to give gifts during this time, giving a loved one a red bouquet will not only look beautiful, but it will also keep in line with other aspects of the Chinese New Year that represent brightness, happiness and rejuvenation.  

​Welcome Someone into 2016 With Gerberas!

Gerberas are arguably one of the best gifts to give someone to welcome them into the New Year. Not only are gerbera’s bright and colourful; available in vibrant hues such as orange, pink, yellow and red, but they also last for a long time after being cut.Gerberas evolved from a South African daisy known as [...]

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