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Why We Have Flowers at Funeral Services

Posted by Sarlie Drakos on

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Did you know that using flowers for funeral services dates back 62,000 years? In fact, in 1951 Dr. Solecki claimed that sending flowers to a funeral is actually the oldest form of religious activity on record!

So why has this tradition still being carried out today?

The inclusion of flowers at funeral services can be partially attributed to the symbolic power that flowers carry. Not only do individual types of flowers convey different meanings for various cultures, but flowers are also typically seen as a symbol of love, purity, respect and the continuous circle of life and death. Wreaths, for example, are often incorporated into a funeral service as they are viewed as a symbol of Christian immortality.

Another reason why flowers are used for funerals is because it is very easy to customise floral arrangements to illustrate a part of someone’s personality, style or taste. This type of personalisation can be achieved through including their favourite colour or variety of flowers into a funeral wreath , sheath or casket spray.

So that explains some of the background of why we have flowers at a funeral service but what is the reason for sending flowers or a plant to family members who have experienced a loss?

When you are grieving it seems almost impossible to clearly express your feelings in words. For this reason, sending flowers or a plant to the family of the deceased has become a popular way of expressing love and support during an enormously difficult time. Flowers are also typically considered comforting due to their visual beauty and the sweet aroma that they can omit, which may cause the room to feel slightly less sad

If you would like to send flowers to a funeral or someone who lost a loved one please click here or call 0424232686/42742400.